Developing Thinkers

Thinking at The Ridge

At The Ridge School, we believe that thinking is an active process which is why we have a Thinking Skills programme running in every grade, from Grade 0 to Grade 7. We believe that knowledge must be more than simply acquired and so, boys are exposed to a number of different “Thinking Tools” throughout their educational journey, which assist them in making meaning and developing greater problem solving and critical reasoning skills. These are skills that are absolutely essential for their being successful not only at school, but throughout their lives.

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The Tools

Brain research tells us that approximately 75% of what we learn is conveyed visually and so, from Grade 0, the boys use Thinking Maps to arrange their thinking in a visual format. These maps continue to be used throughout the school across all subject areas. While a boy’s teacher may change from year to year, the language around Thinking remains constant. In the Senior Prep, boys expand their use of graphic organisers and other visual mapping tools such as Tony Buzan’s Mind Maps. Throughout the school, teachers also employ the use of Edward De Bono’s Six Thinking Hats to promote critical thinking and reflection, while Tony Ryan’s Thinkers Keys are used to promote problem solving and critical thinking across a range of subject disciplines.

Framing our entire Thinking Skills programme are the Habits of Mind, 16 habits identified as being present in highly effective individuals, no matter what their age. These 16 habits frame our teaching and are infused throughout the boys’ learning to promote active, independent, future-minded learners.

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Thinking Global

The Ridge School is a proud member of Thinking Schools South Africa (TSSA) and its affiliated international organisation Thinking Schools International (TSI). Our staff enjoy the benefit of the global links that this organisation provides to promote international best-practice around Thinking.

More information on the above mentioned programmes is available at the links below:

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