Headmaster’s Message

Welcome to our Ridge School website.

Richard Stanley edited

You are about to enjoy an electronic experience that will introduce you to the many unique features that together help to define all that sets The Ridge School apart. You will find a primary school that stands alone as an independent, values-based, boy-centered haven of teaching and learning.

What you will soon pick up on as you interact with this virtual viewing experience is that here is a school where educators take seriously the opportunities they have to make learning come alive in ways that stimulate and enrich young boys in mind, body and soul. It is a place of boy-centred teaching that thoroughly enjoys playing host to the many pleasures associated with activities, platforms and pathways to learning for life experienced by our boys each day.

As you navigate your way around this website spend a few moments being introduced to some of the many forms and facets of learning that our Ridge boys are exposed to. From the cognitive and mental stimulation of carefully crafted classroom activities, and the excitement of creative and collaborative digital adventures, to a wide variety of extramural sporting options, games and clubs, our boys are encouraged both as individuals and collectively to participate and embrace all that is on offer.

In addition, the Ridge has worked hard over many years to carve out a music and performing arts programme that draws over 70% of our boys into its web of magic and mystery. A celebration of music, drama and visual art that enables and enriches the majority of young lads in ways that truly serve to awaken interests, passions and talents that would otherwise remain dormant and out of reach.

What we trust you will come away with following this electronic encounter is that The Ridge is a school where young boys are truly known and grown. It is a place where each young boy is encouraged to reach for the stars in ways that are right for him, that will allow him to release his fullest potential, and that will serve to prepare him as a young man of character, self-belief and confidence. It is a school that provides foundational building blocks that will prepare each lad with keen anticipation for the many exciting challenges that senior school life will send his way.

Above all though, The Ridge is a school where happy boys are loved and appreciated, and where their uniqueness is respected and nurtured.

We trust that your website experience will encourage you to take the next step that will transform what has been a virtual encounter into an actual visit to The Ridge’s beautiful estate and the opportunity to bring the spirit of this message alive in your hearts and minds.

I look forward to making you and your little lad feel at home.

Richard Stanley