Learning support

The Ridge School celebrates diversity and aims to provide equal educational opportunities of high quality for all students. We believe that all boys should have access to appropriate learning support. The Ridge School supports the principle of inclusion as guided by White Paper 6 (2011) as well as the Department of Educations’ Guidelines for Inclusive Learning Programmes (2005), and this refers to the educational values of embracing and welcoming a variety of students with learning needs that range along a spectrum, into age-appropriate, mainstream classes. The Ridge School therefore functions as an academic, mainstream school which offers student support services. This means ensuring that all students’ diverse needs are considered in order that they may be provided with the means to learn, contribute and participate in all areas of school life.

The Ridge School ensures the learning support programme is appropriate to the boy’s needs. This provides the boy with the ability to benefit optimally from our school curriculum and the learning support level is ascertained on application and re-evaluated every term.

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The values of the learning support department are:
    • Recognition that each student is unique, with individual strengths, challenges, interests, abilities and learning needs. The Ridge School is committed to differentiating its educational programme in order to take into account a spectrum of learning needs, according to available resources.
    • The department continuously supports diversity; equality and collective belonging.
    • We recognise the individual differences and we ensure access, active participation and success of all boys by offering a comprehensive education of the highest standard that accommodates diverse learning needs through appropriate curricula, teaching strategies, learning support and use of resources and partnerships within the community.
    • The ongoing development and improvement in the quality of support provided.
    • Following a collaborative approach which takes into account the best interests of the boy at all times.
    • To identify the boys who require learning support as early as possible
    • To outline procedures to provide access to alternative, improved learning opportunities in order to allow boys to maximise their potential
We provide learning support for boys who experience:
    • A specific learning difficulty or challenge (e.g. dyslexia; dyspraxia; dyscalculia)
    • Speech and/or literacy barriers
    • Neurodevelopmental disorders (Autism Spectrum Disorder; Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder)
    • Social, emotional and/or behavioural challenges (including Anxiety, PTSD etc.)
    • Memory and/or concentration barriers
    • Limited physical barriers
    • Lack of parental recognition and involvement
    • A need for further extension/challenge in an area of talents or academic strength (in which case a referral is made to external therapists under The Lighthouse umbrella)

Boys are taught in small groups for Grades 2-5. We also provide individual learner support, depending on the needs of the boy. Having an inclusive approach, we also provide peer or small group support.

The Lighthouse is made of up four full time learning support specialists and a full-time school psychologist. In addition, there are also four part time therapists covering physiotherapyspeech and language therapy and occupational therapy.

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