Mentoring at The Ridge

The SALT Programme

Mentoring is to teach boys that “emotional courage is courage and that courage and empathy are the sources of real strength in life”. We at The Ridge believe that in each and every one of our boys lies a valuable resource. To draw on this resource we have instituted a programme that allows our boys to learn together, grow together and in the process gain a wealth of experience from each other. This programme is called Sharing and Leading Together or SALT.

How does it work?

Every Grade 7 boy has been given a SALT Cell group to lead. The groups are made up of a boy from each of the grades below them in the school. The thirty minute cell group sessions together will take place on Wednesday mornings between 7.45 and 08.30 three time a term. The aim of these intimate boy-to-boy times will be to:

  • enable and empower the Grade 7 lads to embrace the concept of leading
  • promote an orchestrated mentoring platform where senior boys are able to guide junior boys
  • enable the boys, through a few fun activities, to better understand something of what friendship, fellowship, relationship building and trust looks like
  • give time for the boys to chat about and get closer to concepts such as honour, ‘right stuff’, leading and leadership, community, service, responsibility, respect, and many others that serve to explore and add colour and clarity to some of what our traditional Ridge values ought to look like.