Pastoral Care at The Ridge

As the fluctuating nature of the world around us changes the educational climate and the pressures of society increases, The Ridge School prides itself on delivering an environment that not only develops 21st Century learners but boys who are adaptable, empathetic and self-aware.

With the motto of The Ridge being “Where boys are known and grown” it is our mission to develop a meaningful relationship with each boy on his journey throughout the school, as well as cater to his academic needs. The correlation between academic success and the emotional needs of the individual being met, has been well researched. With the boys feeling as though they are truly seen for who they are and what they have to offer, school becomes a place of safety and inclusion.

The Pastoral Care team is dedicated to seeing the holistic child and carefully considering the unique journey that each boy travels. Each and every staff member at The Ridge is part of this journey and the child should be seen by many eyes to ensure this full picture is obtained. The team is passionate about guiding all stakeholders to ensure a meaningful time at the school. With 4 members of the team, we can monitor each boy during his time with us and ensure that he is happy and engaged in the learning environment. Each team member connects regularly with class teachers within their area of Pastoral Care, and individual needs are noted. By breaking down the school into specific areas, we can focus more on the needs that each boy presents. This also ensures a better connection with the boys in our care, understanding that information may come through another teacher. This personal connection should extend to all other teaching staff, but we do have the team who can oversee that each child most certainly has a “champion” that supports them.

Once we have gained an in-depth knowledge of the individuals in our care, we can tailor interventions that will assist in helping the boys through the issues they are facing. The connection through meaningful relationships is at the forefront of all that the team strives to achieve.

Each boy should leave The Ridge with many happy memories of friends and learning, and knowing that he has grown as he has progressed through the school. He should feel as though he was part of a family and that he leaves knowing that he could not be a better version of himself.