Senior Prep

Grade 4 – 7 constitutes the senior section of the school. Our boys learn through a whole range of strategies that focus on literacy and numeracy, but explore the world through a wide variety of learning strategies geared to cater for all as individuals, be they more visual, auditory or kinaesthetic learners.

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Boys are encouraged to participate in hands-on learning with their peers and discovery learning is one of our favourite ways to make sense of our surroundings. Experiential learning and the use of technology also form a big part of how boys gear themselves to be part of the community and be prepared for the future.

Boys are encouraged to make use of all the resources at school to engage with the learning process, and we are fortunate to have internet-enabled computer labs, MacBook stations, iPad and iPod Touch banks, Promethean interactive whiteboards and in-class voting devices to facilitate an enriching blend of the new with all the positive aspects of a traditional learning environment. Each class has its own class teacher, with classes of around twenty boys in each, and in their Grade 6 and 7 years, the boys are taught by specialist subject teachers. Pastoral care and an integrated approach to learning, allow for child-centred teaching, something to which teachers at The Ridge are dedicated.

Senior Prep - Modules

Problem solving and creative thinking are encouraged in all areas of learning. Our Grade 5’s enjoy a very happy second term learning The Game of Life where life skills are taught and real life situations experienced. This follows through into the Grade 7 year when the boys are introduced to the business project where they develop entrepreneurial skills and where they develop leadership skills as part of the Headmaster’s leadership programme. Similar life-experience games take place in Grade 4.

The curriculum is frequently refreshed with new and topical material. Boys are encouraged to share through cooperative learning, make social connections and develop their personal resilience and people skills as part of the process of learning.

Boys are guided to see the joy of learning together and are purposely exposed to different religions, perspectives and cultures. In addition to standard academic subjects, boys also enjoy dance, drama, art, lateral thinking, public speaking and study skills to blend with an enriching cultural curriculum and rigorous sports calendar. All of this is done with solid Ridge values as the constant. We want boys to learn to know, learn to do, learn to be, learn to live together and learn that learning is for life.