Social Responsibility

The Ridge participates in the following projects:

ISASA Learnership Programme

The Ridge School supports the ISASA school-based teacher training programme. Each year we sponsor a number of learnerships (currently one through ISASA and five others directly). We provide the student-teachers with accommodation and pay for their studies; we also give them experience in the classroom and in school life generally. Each student is allocated a mentor who guides him/her through the year with us.

At the end of each year the intern may move onto another independent school to benefit from a different set of experiences, until the course of study has been completed.

Community Partnership School

Salvazione Christian School is the community partnership school for The Ridge, St Katharine’s and Auckland Park Prep School. Salvazione is a small, independent junior school in Brixton that was established in 1991. It was started to accommodate the learners from the Slovo Park informal settlement who cannot attend the local schools due to their challenging circumstances.

There are currently approximately 250 children enrolled at the school. A number of these children are orphans who are unable to afford the school fees and are in desperate need of financial assistance.

Anyone interested in supporting this school or donating to this worthy cause should contact Paul Channon, Headmaster of The Ridge.

Community Projects

Grade 7 boys are encouraged to undertake charitable community work as part of their Headmaster’s leadership experience. In the junior grades, boys undertake tasks at home, for which money is collected for CHOC and other children’s charities.

Our school calendar includes participation in the Cansa-Shave-a-thon in support of those affected by cancer and Friendship Day, which we use to support and raise awareness of those that are affected by heart conditions. The Grade 7 classes collect money through their annual Market Day sales, and then contribute a percentage to the charity of their choice; recent recipients from those funds are TLC Care Centre, Phendulani Quiz and the Abraham Kriel Child Care Centre.

Johannesburg Mini Council

The Greater Johannesburg Mini Council is a non-profit organisation that was founded in 1972. The Council consists of 80 grade seven learners from across primary schools in Johannesburg. It has as its objectives, inter alia, to develop an interest in civic and community matters as well as to promote awareness of those less fortunate within the community.

The range of events and activities councillors get involved in include visits to old age homes and orphanages and collection drives.

Mandela Day

The school participates in the Lead SA Campaign to honour Utata Nelson Mandela by spending 67 minutes each year to help the less fortunate in one way or another.


The Ridge School has pledged to work towards making the school as eco-friendly as possible. The school, though its environmental policy documents, has identified four main areas where we can make the most significant impact. We commit to:

  • Effective water usage
  • Reducing power consumption
  • Waste Management and
  • Greening initiatives.

The implementation of this programme is overseen by the Grade 7 Recycling Committee and the Director of Community, Diversity and Environment at the school. The school is a signatory to the United Nation Global Compact and a member of the South African Eco-schools.

Thus far the school has:

  • Appointed Enviro Serve as our recycling service provider;
  • Invested in Bokashi bins for kitchen and food waste management;
  • Planted vegetable gardens;
  • Maintained a worm farm.

The school runs a successful Sun Campaign with the intention of raising awareness of the harmful effects of being out in the sun without proper protection from its rays.