Our Sporting Ethos and Guiding Philosophy

Physical education is concerned with more than the development of physical qualities such as speed and strength. It is another medium through which we can gain a better understanding of ourselves, and the way in which we interact with others in individual and team sport situations. Sport provides an avenue for self-expression outside the classroom.

At The Ridge, by providing the boys with a variety of activities, we strive to allow each child the opportunity to realise his best physical potential and, at the same time, meet many other emotional needs. It is our policy to cater for each individual boy’s needs and, to this end, we offer each boy the opportunity to experience being part of a team, whether on the practice field, in inter-school fixtures, or both.



The sporting policies of our school are in line with many of our general educational principles. Additionally, The Ridge School is a member of the Independent Schools Association of Southern Africa and we are, therefore, bound to abide by the resolutions passed by this association, some of which relate to sporting policies. We would therefore highlight the following:

  • Good sportsmanship in sport is a crucial part of a boy’s education.
  • Each boy is encouraged to participate regardless of his ability. We aim to ensure that each boy is given an opportunity to compete with confidence and to achieve a reasonable degree of success and enjoyment at his own level.
  • We aim to expose the boys to as many different sporting disciplines as possible in order that they are able to make the best decisions and choices at senior school.
  • We choose not to be results driven, however, a will to win and the fostering of a competitive edge will be encouraged at all levels, Grade 3 to Grade 7.
  • Being an extension of the learning that is primary in nature and practice, we aim at all times to maintain, through our sports programmes, educationally sound perspective, and balanced, boy-centred common sense.
  • We aim to provide a coaching blueprint for each sporting code that will serve as a formal instructional guide to all coaches as to the methods, structures, skill levels, techniques and targets that they must aim to work within and to achieve during a particular season. Cognisance will be taken of the age groups, the skill levels of the boys and what skills are appropriate within a given sporting discipline.
  • Nurturing a passion for healthy physical activities that will provide lifelong wellness and pleasure, this is aided by the teaching of relevant skills across a wide range of sporting codes.
  • The Ridge offers the following sporting codes for the boys to participate in: Swimming, Cricket, Rugby, Tennis, Football, Water Polo, Hockey, Cross Country, Athletics, Kayaking, Climbing & Basketball (Grade 6 & 7 only).

Annual Sports Programme

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Grade R, Grade 1 and 2

  • Term 1 – Cricket, Swimming and Rugby
  • Term 2 – Rugby and Football
  • Term 3 – Hockey, Cricket and Swimming

Grade 3

  • Term 1 – Swimming, Cricket, Tennis and Athletics
  • Term 2 – Rugby, Cross Country and Football
  • Term 3 – Hockey, Cricket, Swimming and Tennis

Senior Primary

  • Term 1 – Swimming, Cricket, Water Polo, Athletics, Tennis (practices only), Basketball and Kayaking
  • Term 2 – Rugby, Cross Country, Football, Tennis and Climbing
  • Term 3 – Hockey, Water Polo, Cricket, Swimming, Tennis (practices only), Basketball and Kayaking