The Ridge Charter 2015.04.14The Ridge Charter

The Ridge provides a leading education. We, The Ridge community, agree that the values and ethos of The Ridge (its “soul”) are critical factors in striving towards a position of leadership and differentiate our school from others

We strive to develop the individual talents and attributes of each boy, to acknowledge and celebrate his abilities, and to provide for his well-being

We provide, and involve the boys in, a broad range of opportunities across academic, sport, music, art, drama and other activities

We expect to deliver and achieve the highest standards in all pursuits, and to be at the forefront of the appropriate use of technology, teaching methods and learning support

We are a Christian school that respects and welcomes all religions

We are proud of our heritage. We protect appropriate traditions while embracing valuable change

We recognise that social and economic privilege has concomitant responsibilities

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